As a group you selected a company to analyze for the semester. What you each need to do (as an individual and not as a group) is to go to the latest annual report and look at the liability section of the balance sheet. What types of liabilities do they have? How much is reported for each. Then do a search in the notes to the financial statements. Here you will find numerous pages. You should try to find out what information is provided about their various forms of debt. What information do they provide on the liabilities you found on the balance sheet? For example, what types of long term debt do they have? What are the length and maturity of this debt? Are there any covenants? If they have entered into lease agreements, what types of leases do they have? Based on what you see, does it appear they are using leases appropriately and classifying them correctly? How is the debt you found impacting their financial statement ratios? Summarize your finding about their debt in two to three pages. Be sure to cite the annual report and page numbers you used for your paper.