(ADDRESING HUMAN WRONGS: GENOCIDE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY) CHOOSE ONE ARTICE FROM THE UPLODED DOCUMENTs AND make IT CRITICAL ANALYSIS JUST ONE ARTICLE NOT MORE THAN ONE AND IT SHOUD BE 1500 WORD PLEASE DONT EXCEED IT.choose one from these reading and cticial analysis using the guideline1- 8 stages of genocide Gregory Stanton2- Rwanda in Retrospect Alan J. Kuperman 2000HERE IS THE GUIDLINE OF HOW TO DO THE CRITICAL ANALYSIS FOR ONE OF THE READING: please consider all these steps its very important for the grading Critical reading: You may find this Study Guide What is Critical Reading useful. You might consider the following questions when reading a text: What argument is the author making? What assumptions underpin the argument? Is there anything in the article that you would like clarification of or to know more about? Is there anything in the article that you might challenge? What difference did reading this article make to how you think about the topic in question? Please note that you do not need to answer each of these questions individually they are just there to help you engage with articles while reading. All of your reading for this module should be critical reading. Each week, you should engage critically with a range of sources from the online reading list. You should prepare notes that will help you discuss your critical reading with the seminar group.Critical writing: You may find this study guide useful: For the assessment, you should develop one of your critical reading notes (from a seminar up to and including seminar 6) into a clearly written article review. This can incorporate your reflections on the article based on your seminar discussions. You should include the following in your seminar paper: Full reference (accurately cited) At least a paragraphdescribing the article At least a paragraphsummarisingthe authors central argument At least a paragraph describing the evidence (including the work of any other key thinkers) on which the argument is based, and how this contributes to the central argument At least a paragraphevaluating the argument If you include references to other sources, these must be fully referenced and cited in a bibliography (which can be excluded from the word count). The seminar paper should be no more than 1,500 words