Writing a good analytical research thesis paper is a tough row to hoe, especially when you face it for the first time ever. Breathe in deeply, drink something refreshing and read this article to accomplish an elaborate analytical essay. It is necessary to find out the object of the analytical paper. As a rule, the similar composition includes the fundamental analysis of some problems and represents the idea, based on the specific fact. Frequently, you need to analyze the literary composition or a movie, but you can also be asked about the main idea. To cope with this, you have to divide the task into several constituents and present the arguments, taken from a book or film, or those, which have become the result of your research. The analysis of the particular text and advancement of arguments will be the sphere of your engagement. Naturally, you cannot think out the thesis statement at once even after the topic choice. Moreover, it is absolutely fine! Think over the topic and consider it from different angles.

While writing a good analytical thesis statement, one needs to remember that thesis statement is thought out to be the affirmation, suggested by the author in the capacity of the problem or the main idea, after that it is being developed and proved by means of the certain arguments in some discussion. In the simplest terms, the thesis statement is the point you write your essay for.

As usual, analytical essay thesis statement takes two or three sentences at most. Upon that, it should be exact and clear in order not to provoke the misunderstanding. What does the requirement concerning the thesis statement particularities mean? In the first place, while starting to write the academic paper, you have to narrow down your topic to the maximum. Do not forget, while doing this, it will be easier to select the specific arguments and make your research conclusion more objective and convincing.


When writing analytical thesis statement, add to the clearness and specifity one more quality, called the uniqueness. The uniqueness of the term defines the originality of your research. Here you can easily check yourself. For instance, you have formulated the thesis statement and written the essay, based on it; in conclusion, you have also reached the certain deductions. Read your arguments to friends in loud (that is the main body without introductory clause and conclusion) and ask them to compose your thesis statement (problem, the main idea, etc.). Then, correlate your point of view with that one, which has been voiced by your friend.

Your analytical paper thesis statements have to be congruent. If not, it means that your essay does not contain the connection between the statement and arguments; in other words, you have formulated the thesis statement, which does not have anything in common with the essay content. Also, there are other cases. For example, your thesis statement was too extended and, with the help of arguments, you developed only one side of the question (in this case, the statement should be concretized).

One more significant moment is the following: to write thesis statement for analytical essay, you need to keep in mind that it has to cover some problematics. That is to say, the thesis statement is not the topic, but just the affirmation concerning some question. Usually, it consists of the opposite points of view, which exist towards the declared problem. Taking into consideration this fact, you side with it or offer totally new idea.

To simplify the process of thesis statement formulation, let us examine a particular example. We can consider that the given topic is “The Future of the Film Photography.” Note that it is not the thesis statement, but just the topic, which, nonetheless, may serve as the title of your essay. To formulate the thesis statement correctly, it would be better to ask the question at first. Let us say, what is the future of the analog photography? The answer to this question will be reflected in your statement.

Here, we will divide it into two parts – two opponent points of view regarding the future of this analog photography. Some people think that such kind of photography is obsolete in our digital age and should disappear; others, vice versa, glorify the film stock claiming that the digital photography will not be able to change the analog one. You think over arguments, which are presented by this or that side, and accept one of them. Just the rightness of this side will prevail in your essay. Thus, you prefer to think that there is the future for the analog photography. Just this point of view should be mentioned in your thesis statement, but not only in conclusion as commonly cited.