analyze the social impact a recent technology or scientific discovery has had on society.

Paper details: has to answer one of these prompts: How will technology affect human relationships? Is it helping bring people together or is it pushing people apart? Is there a way in which technology lessens the quality of interactions we have with one another? us residents have some of the highest stress levels of any other nation in the world. Is the piece of technolgy increasing the amount of stress in our everyday lives or lessoning it? In what ways might this technology affect stress levels? Does this technology widen or diminish race ,class, sexual orientation pick one if so in what ways? clear focused argument is needed and 3 credible sources Including scholarly to support your argument (books or oeer reviewed journal articles. The technology picked has to be very specific . for example not a smart phone. It has to be a very specific scientiffic discovery or technology. Please share topic you chooise before writing . the tech or scientific discovery has to be within 5 years