Argument Essay

This assignment contains two parts: Part 1: Write a 4-6 page argumentative essay on your chosen topic. Choose a side and stick to it throughout your article. Use at least 2 sources that appeal to authority (Ethos) and 1 source that appeal to emotion (Pathos). You will be graded on the following criteria:1. Thesis 10% 2. Structure (Argument, reason and evidence are clearly presented) 20%3. Major elements (Transition, topic sentences, introduction and reflection on your sources, use of Ethos, Pathos and Logos) 25% 4. Research 15% 5. Conventions (grammar, citation format, heading, etc.) 10% ___________ Total: 80%Part 2: Prepare for a 10-15 minutes multi-media presentation on your essay. Incorporate visual/audio/audio-visual elements that assist you to make your point. You will be graded on the following criteria: 1. The presentation summarizes your argument, reasons and evidences clearly 7% 2. Appropriate use of multi-media elements as complementary information, not distraction/extra/useless information 7% 3. You are prepared (clarity and fluency of language; confident and authentic presentation) 6% ___________ Total: 20%