tors running too many unnecessary tests and screenings on patients A minimum of 7 to 8 pages with a minimum of 6 academic sourcesPurpose of the assignmentEssay 3 (Part Two of Two). Argumentative Research Paper. The purpose of an argumentative report is seek the truth about a topic or issue and to persuade readers to understand, consider and ultimately, accept your thesis (See Chapter 13). An effective argumentative report establishes the exigency (need or demand) of its subject, presents an ethical and logical argument, and anticipates or refutes any potential opposing arguments that might undermine the thesis. The argumentative report writing must be research driven and rhetorically persuasive in tone. This means you should paraphrase, quote, or summarize information from the articles or chapters that you presented in your Annotated Bibliography with at least three additional sources; however, the main focus of your essay should be your argument and ideas. You will need to consider your field and your audience; the report is directed to an audience of college educated members of a specific related major/technology and must take the characteristics of that field into account. Any argument must also consider audience diversity: different identities, perspectives, specialties and values. A college educated audience of others in your field will expect that your conclusion is compelling, but also accurate and respectful. Ethics requires that your argument be void of biased language or assumptions. Logic requires that your argument be void of logical fallacies.Format You will develop a formal Harvard outline (See page 442). Each entry should contain complete declarative sentences. Your argument must express all of your own main ideas in your own words, but your ideas may be supported by the evidence and ideas that you gather through research. Your argument must be tailored to its subject, discipline and audience. There are many models for composing an argument: Classical, Reverse, Problem-Solution and Mediated. You will need to select one model to craft your argument outline and report. A template for all models is posted on Blackboard.Thesis Articulate your thesis or conclusion about the chosen topic; it must be logically believable, ethically defensible and evidence-based.Your introductory paragraph should grab readers attention (rhetorical questions, interesting or startling facts, metaphors, fascinating incident), introduce your topic and provide a brief overview of the debate; the concluding paragraph should restate your topics exigency and your thesis. You may want to add a summary statement or call to action.Roman Numerals (I, II, III) present at least three topic sentences which provide reasons or claims that support your argument.A. B. C Develop at least three sub topic sentences which develop the reasoning of each claim or main idea. You will still need to use technology discourse, keywords, phrases, and ideas to articulate each of your main ideas or claims, but you will also need to appeal to the standards, values and practices of your discipline in articulating your main ideas.1. 2. 3. . Provide evidence and warrants that develop your reasoning and support your claims: facts, definitions, examples, exceptions, case studies, principles, theories, values, etc.