Assignment: For your fourth writing project, you will write a literacy narrative a story about some aspect of your education, formal or informal. Your narrative can take a more traditional or more experimental form, and will focus on an episode or theme from your lived experience, framed by your reflection on this experience. As we spend time working on these narratives, we will also think and write about what storytelling is, and what it means to tell stories about yourself and others.

For your project to succeed, it will need to have at its core a clearly defined event and a clearly defined setting, described with vivid details and a consistent point of view. Your narrative needs to have a point an implicit or explicit articulation of why this story matters. And, it needs to be structured in a thoughtful way, with a beginning, middle, and end that work together to communicate the story and its meaning, and well-chosen language.Audience:You will define your audience for your narrative, although you must define a public audience beyond just you, your instructor, and your classmates. You may write for the DU community, for a geographic community (Denver, your hometown, etc.), or for a cultural community or affinity group. Imagine that youll be presenting your narrative at a conference open to the public, or that it will be published in a magazine or blog that will be read by your intended audience, along with other members of the public.Submission Requirements:The final draft of this essay should be 1,500-1,800 words in length at minimum.Type and double-space your paper.Number the pages.Include a standard header, along with a title.Spell check and proof read your paper.Post drafts to Canvas, per online submission instructions.