attorney for Aisha

The Student Council President, Aisha was running for re-election in the current 2016 School Election after serving as President in 2015. Aisha asked some Student council members to support her campaign, by working at her campaign fundraisers. Additionally, she warned them to stop supporting the rival candidate, Njood who was a former Student Council Leader. During the campaign, Aisha was told that certain Student Council members were supporting Njood. The Student Council President, Aisha was aware of what the students were doing, and she made statements threatening them. After the election, Aisha did not reinstate these Student Council members, 2 of whom sued Aisha for retaliation in violation of their rights. They claimed their termination was retaliation for their support of the rival candidate, Njood. Some of the students and council members had expressed support for the rival, Njood by liking her campaign page on Facebook, putting stickers on their lockers, posting Snapchat and Instagram pictures, and making statements in favor of her.