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A critique is definitely not an easy thing to write. The difficulties start when a student has to read a book. Usually, an assignment requires it to be at least 250 pages long. This means that it takes some time to read, and you also have to take notes while doing it, to be able to outline the story without looking through the details later. Thus, it is hard to enjoy the reading, as you have to do it carefully, not to miss the important minutiae.

The book has to be analyzed entirely, starting with the background information on the author and up to the reading another people’s reviews on it as examples for the future writing. There is not much you have to know about the author, but the most important, actually, is to check whether he or she is credible enough to write on the topic. After reading, you can understand better the approach to writing the book by realizing what kind of information has been included to it, and if it is reliable and logical to use as a source for any work.

It is not easier when you have to give a critique on a book chapter. The task remains the same: you have to read the whole piece to understand the small part. However, the attention is focused more on a certain section and the way it is structured. You need to know what exactly is so special about this chapter and what role it plays in the book. The summary paragraph can be more detailed for such kind of work. It still has to include the basic information on the book to make the reader understand how a chosen chapter fits in the whole context.

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Introduction – describes the purpose of the work, the book, and sets the stage for the critical evaluation.
Review – provides the reader with general information on the book’s plot and meaning.
Critique – evaluates the book and the author’s writing abilities using certain criteria.
Opinion – conveys your own impression on the book, points out the exact parts where the agreement or disagreement take place.
Conclusion – restates the main idea, combines critique with personal opinion and gives the reader recommendations on the book.
The whole essay has to be written in a certain format, specified by the professor’s requirements. Every part of the critique needs to logically continue the previous one and still be a separate notional piece. When you are having a hard time writing, do not panic, and ask for the help of the professional writing service. We are always here to make sure your task is done on time with accuracy and professionalism