Civil and Environmental Engineering

Portfolio Section: Surveying RESIT Assignment: Development of surveying methods; area and height calculationsTwo Tasks to be completed1. ReportLand surveying has advanced over the last hundred years with increasingly rapid technological development during the last decade changing site practices and the equipment used. Describe in a short report (1000 words approx.) how the development of modern technology has affected the gathering of field data, and the processing of this data in the office both in drawing and calculation. Consider the whole range of electronic surveying instruments, including but not limited to: electronic distance measurement (EDM), theodolite, Total Stations and GPS equipment.2. Trigonometry (3 parts)a) On a land survey the distance betw een two points A and B cannot be measured directly because of a small wood. From a third point, AC and BC can be measured and are found to be 145m and 210m respectively, and angle BCA = 39 ?. Find the distance between A and B. Show all working, and draw the plot to scale, with dimensions, angles and labels, either manually or using AutoCA D (include the drawing as a .jpg or .dwg file uploaded to your webfolio along with the assignment).b) A theodolite survey has been carried out to find the size of a farmer’s field. Calculate the area of the field in he ctares if AB = 250m, BC = 270m, CD = 270m, DA = 360m, angle ABC = 98 ?20’ and angle ADC = 70?30’. As task (a), show all working, and draw the plot to scale, with dimensions, angles and labels, either manually or using AutoCAD (include the drawing as a .jpg or .dwg file uplo aded with the assignment).2 1.45 35° 30mTrigonometry (continued)c) Calculate the height of the building shown below given that that height of the surveying instrument above ground level is 1.45m and the angle of elevation is 35°. As task (a), show all working.Notes to the assignmentClear layout, title page, contents page, headings and sub-headings, page numbers, and diagrams (where appropriate). Each task to start on a new page. Sources of reference material must be stated, using the Harvard Referencing style. Use your own research, plus the materials, websites, books, and ot her sources noted in the Blackboard course documents folder and Module Study Guide. Assignment to be submitted in a new separate section of your Core Studies webfolio. Please notify the module tutor when the assignment is ready to be marked.Figure 1. Height of building