Coach ks leading with the heart

Paper instructions: Leading with the Heart Coach Ks Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business, and Life Mid Term Paper GuidelinesDue Monday, December 9th/ Tuesday, December 10th NO Late Papers will be accepted10-15 pages of written text (does not include title page, abstract or reference page) Must use 2 additional outside resources (Journals, websites, etc. cited in APA format) APA Style1. Topics of discussion must connect the book to the ECM program, high school, and college.Suggestions include: ? Discuss the following quote: Dont do anything thats detrimental to yourself (Chapter 1) ? Discuss the following quote: Mutual commitment helps people overcome the fear of failure (Chapter 1) ? Discuss the following quote: Sometimes a loss can be a win (Chapter 2) ? In chapter 3, Coach K discusses his West Point class ring and the royal blue Duke gemstone his wife had placed in the ring. The ring represents what he wants for his players.West Point is the foundation and inside (the gem) represents Duke, the passion and the heart. What is your foundation and passion as it relates to where you are now in life and where you plan to go? ? Discuss discipline of physical habit (Chapter 3) ? Define your own success: planning, preparation and goals (personal reflection) ? Reflect on chapter 5 the importance of the Fist (communication, trust, collective responsibility, caring, pride) ? When teaching, always remember this simple phrase: You hear, you forget. You see, you remember. You do, you understand. How does this statement relate to the ECM course year one and year two? (Chapter 6) ? Sometimes adversity can work in your favor. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and using it as an excuse, accept the situation and try to make the most of it Discuss a situation where this quote held true. What did you learn from the experience? (Chapter 7) ? The Train Discuss how you are onboard the ECM train referred to (Chapter 8) ? Game Day Make a connection to high school/college life (Chapter 8) ? In chapter 9, Coach K discusses assumptions. One of the worse things anybody can do is assume. I think fools assume. If people have really got it together, they never assume anything. They believe, they work hard, and they prepare, but they dont assume What false assumptions did you have upon entering this program and how have you adjusted the realities of college life? ? Discuss and reflect on successful crisis management (Chapter 10) ? Discuss what is meant by the section winning the moment (Chapter 11) ? Hunger not for success, but for excellence. And dont let anyone else define excellence for you. Discuss, reflect and make connections (Chapter 13) ? Chapter 14 discusses the core of character. What stands out for you in this chapter? ? Discuss True bravery in leadership revolves around the degree to which a person maintains the courage of his convictions. (Chapter 14) ? Friendships, along with love, make life worth living (Chapter 15) Discuss the ECM experience as it relates to your friendships. ? Chapter 16 discusses Life. I work to live, not live to work Discuss how to take care of your core. ? Discuss the overall theme of the epilogue.2. Closing: ? Make connections between what is discussed in the book and how it can be applied toward business practicality/the work world. ? A closing paragraph or so with your final thoughts on the relevance of this book to your life.