Compare and contrast The Tale of Genjis

Compare and contrast The Tale of Genjis book version and the animation (anime) version (film viewing)Directions: Write a 2-3 page response paper (double-spaced and typed) comparing and contrasting the book and anime versions of The Tale of Genji. Base your analysis on the questions listed in the film guide (below); you should answer all of the questions, either question by question, or in an essay format.Guide for The Tale of Genjianimated filmIn adapting MurasakiShikibus narrative to the screen as an animation, the creators of this film have had to make certain artistic choices. Consider the following questions as you view the film.1. What scenes/plots from The Tale of Genji have been included and which have been left out? In other words, what themes are emphasized in this animation version? In your opinion, why did the filmmakers choose this particular opening to the film?2. Have any elements (scenes, plots, imagery) been added?3. How are the characters individualized? How are personalities created? Pay particular attention to clothing, hairstyles, and furnishings in rooms.4. How would you describe the character Genji as portrayed in this film? Does this description accord with the image of Genji formed in the tale?5. Animation versus dramatic film (that is, a film with human actors): Imagine a film of The Tale of Genji with human actors. (Actually a number of such films exist. Most recently in 2000, a film entitled Sennen no koi (One thousand years of love or A thousand-year-old love) was released in Japan.) In what ways do you think an animation vis–vis dramatic film would be more effective or less effective in adapting The Tale of Genji?6. In the original narrative, there is a narrator who relates the tale to us, the readers/audience, as things she has seen and heard (that is, gossip). In the animation, this storyteller has been removed. Who tells the story in the film? Or in other words, from whose perspective (viewpoint) are we experiencing the film?7. What is the significance of scattering cherry blossoms in this film?8. Your personal reaction: Did the film contribute to your understanding of The Tale of Genji? Explain. What gaps in cultural, historical, or literary understanding does the animation fill?