Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS)

Paper instructions:i This is 10page paper that I have already started to give you a little help to see which way I am going with the paper!!! it has to be single spaced!!! this is a grad cousre that I need an A in. So i really need your help. This sun flower have to be to three different oragaztions. I have choose and Mental Health treatment place, a chruch (Baspit) and school (K-12).AND NO ANALOGY!!!!! DO NOT COMPARE THE SUNFLOWER TO THE ORAGZATIONS!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE!!!!!!THIS IS A (CAS) THIS MEANS COMPLEX ADAPTIVE SYSTEM!!! PLEASE KNOW THIS WHEN WORKING ON THIS PAPER!!! THIS IS A MUST!!! ALSO ONCE AGAIN NO ANALOGY DO NOT COMPARE THE ORGTAZATIONS TO THE SUNFLOWER!!!Here is whar I started.The sunflower is an example in nature of how the certain properties of a plant are able to exercise control over how it behaves and survives within its environment. For example, a sunflower is directed or controlled by a certain hormone, known as an auxin, which causes the stem of the plant to turn so that the leaves will constantly face the sun. This particular behavior of the sunflower is termed phototropism. What is so fascinating about this action is that the auxins are actually able to turn the sunflower so that it is facing the direction where the sun will rise in the morning.The control exerted by auxins over the behavior of the sunflower is only one of the characteristics exhibited by this unique plant species. The sunflower also naturally grows in an upward motion due to a process called gravitopism. The sunflower is so geared towards growing in an upright manner that, even if the plant is placed down on its side in a vertical container, it will still curve until its stem is growing up.The sunflowers three components that will be detailed here are; its stem, which provides support, its leaves which collect the life giving rays of the sun, and the auxins which are what enables it to move and remain in contact with the light coming from the sun. The plant is a living example of how different things in nature are commanded and controlled by the parts that comprise its whole. In fact, the way that the sunflowers stem, flowers, and auxins interact can be used to show the relationships between people who work together in certain organizations.For instance, the parts of a sunflower can be compared to a Behavioral Health care facility like Natale that provides services to its clients. In the organizational structure of Natale, the sunflowers stem would be the Unit Director. This is the person in command who oversees the administrative business of the program; ensuring that the mission of the program is followed by the staff and that the employees work schedules are in order, so that the services offered to clients are appropriate. The auxins would be represented by the programs staff, the individuals that have a level of control because they are the ones dealing with giving personal assistance to each of the clients. Although the Unit Director occupies the command position within Natale he or she does not spend as much time working directly with the clients. It is the therapists and other support staff who have most the face to face contact with Natales client population. They are like the auxins turning the clients towards the light with the assistance they provide to help them cope and overcome their behavioral difficulties.The clients that are served by the Natale program are like the colorful leaves of the sunflower plant. They are being turned or maneuvered by the staff away from the behavioral maladies that trouble them towards the light of therapeutic treatments geared to help them become better able to cope with the challenges of everyday life. In much like the same way that the auxins keep the sunflower basking in the life giving rays of sunlight, the Natale staff members offer clients therapeutic relief from their problems. The three parts of a sunflower are also similar to the different component of a churchs congregation. A church is usually headed by a Reverend, who would be like the stem of a sunflower plant. Within the church the Reverend is the firm commander who provides spiritual support to the congregation. He or she offers worshippers comfort and understanding when they are confronted with hardships. On the other hand, the church officers are the auxins because they perform specific tasks like assisting the Reverend with conducting the devotional services, and helping with the record keeping. The church officers help to keep the business of the congregation in order so that the Reverend can concentrate on serving the flock. The members of the church that do not serve as officers are the leaves. The efforts of the officers help make it possible for the Reverend to provide the devotional inspiration that keeps the members of the congregation turned towards the guiding light of the Creator.