Conducting Psychological Research Using the Scientific Method

Goal: To demonstrate your understanding of the scientific method and the ways that psychologists apply the scientific method to conduct research. For this assignment, you will investigate the topic of gratitude and design a psychological study that would test a hypothesis about gratitude. Resources for this Assignment: Module 2 in the textbook and accompanying PowerPoint Slides Article #1: Article #2: Instructions: Read Module 2 and the two articles listed above with their URLs. After youve read the materials, design a research study that tests a hypothesis includes the variable gratitude. Write a paper that addresses the prompts listed below. Formatting: Include your name and the assignment title on the file and in the header of the document. Number the pages in the document. Double-spaced. 12-point font. 1. Research Question and Hypothesis Describe what you learned from the readings about gratitude. What is the research question your study will ask? Define hypothesis. What is the hypothesis your study will test? 2. Variables Define variable. What are the variables in your hypothesis? You need a minimum of two variables. What is the difference between an independent and dependent variable? What is the independent variable in your study and what are the dependent variables? 3. How will you conduct the study? Explain the difference between descriptive, correlational and experimental research methods. Explain which of the research methods will you use for the study. Describe the difference between a case study, naturalistic observation and survey. Describe whether you will use a case study, naturalistic observation, or survey in the study. Describe how you will ensure random sampling and the safety of your participants? Describe the potential weaknesses of your study? There are three rubric criteria for this assignment: Submission demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the scientific method in psychology, as evidenced by responding to the prompts thoroughly and accurately. The submission demonstrates an understanding of how psychologists have previously studied gratitude. The submission is clearly written and organized, free of grammatical errors and major spelling errors, and formatted according to the instructions. 3 criteria met = 90-100 points 2 criteria met = 75-90 points 1 criteria met = 60-75 points 0 criteria met = 0