Create an environmental public health emergency plan for you as an individual (and as a family if applicable).

his plan should include which emergencies it applies to; supplies, equipment necessary; evacuation plans; preparations for your home/property etc. This will require some research to find an existing emergency plan that you will modify (which will be included in the project). How you write it up and how you present it on paper is up to you. There is no formal requirement for how to display this information but the information should be clear, concise and to the point (as well as include all important information about your emergency plans). Minimum 2 pages, Maximum 4 pages. The existing plan that you will modify must be included in an appendix (does not go towards the total count of pages for your project). then after she read the paper she say: after reading your Environment Public Health Emergency Plan for you and your family, I have some comments/concerns.What Ive read is not specific to your family and doesnt consist of any details for an emergency plan at all, it is more of a how to prepare for an emergency, but that was not the ask for the term project. The ask is for you to create and EPH Emergency plan for you and your family which should consist of details around the emergencies that may affect you, supplies, equipment, contacts, maps etc. If you were to follow the term project document, it tells you what is required, and we did talk about it in class a few times.