Crew Resource Management Aviation

(1) Discuss the emergence of Crew Resource Management and consider how it can contribute to safe flight. Illustrate with examples of where CRM has been good and where it has failed. (2) For this essay you need to talk about CRM in general and the different components (communication, decision making, leadership etc.) and then go onto illustrate good and bad examples. (3) Demonstrate bad Crew Resource Management leading to a fatal accident and good CRM where a crippled plane was brought home by a crew working well together. These can be the basis of the essay or you can use further examples that you find in the literature. See the links below for the above bad and good Crew Resource Management. (Bad CRM video link 1: Air Crash Investigation Season 5 Episode 9 Fatal Distraction Part 1/YouTube) (Bad CRM video link 2: Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 FAA Recreation Safety Film/YouTube) (Good CRM video link: An Emergency Crash Landing with No Controls/YouTube) (4) To start with you need to brainstorm the subject finding information and literature. Use this link: Academic literature from: (5) Once you have gathered your material, then separate these into CRM in general, Good CRM and bad CRM. (6) You should have examples of 2 or more literature articles for each point. Read through them and then write in your own words what the authors have said about CRM. (7) Essay needs to be 2000 words long and contain the following: Abstract Introduction Body of essay Discussion/Conclusion References using APA style (8) Abstract Should be approximately 100-150 words in length and reflect the whole of the essay including the results. This should be written last after you know what you are saying in your essay.An example of an abstract Crew Resource Management is an emerging discipline in aviation and has helped to reduce accidents. The purpose of this paper is to explore CRM in general and to discuss examples of good and bad CRM. For example Al Haynes and his crew in United Airlines 232 showed how a crew working together could land a badly crippled aircraft. In contrast to that Eastern Airlines Flight 401 showed how distraction, lack of leadership, failed communication and other CRM failures contributed to the fatal crash of the aircraft into the Everglades. This paper considers these accidents and others to demonstrate the importance of CRM in aviation and concludes with recommendations for the future 111 words (9) Introduction Approximately 100 words. Describe what you are going to say in the essay, how you will say it and what you intend the reader to know from the essay. For instance, you would introduce Crew Resource Management and the the accidents you are using as examples to demonstrate the subject. (10) Body of Essay Split it into 3 parts: Part 1 Describes the emergence of CRM. This can be fairly descriptive but you should be using some references from the literature to illustrate your points. This should be about (300 400 words). Part 2 Give an example of an accident where good CRM has been demonstrated. Dont concentrate too heavily on details of the accident but spend time analyzing the CRM with references from the literature. About 500 600 words. Part 3 Give an example of an accident where bad CRM has been demonstrated and the resulting effects. Dont concentrate too heavily on details of the accident but spend time analyzing the CRM with references from the literature. About 500 600 words.(11) Discussion/Conclusion Sum up what you have said in the essay and give your opinion at this stage of the importance of Crew Resource Management. Add how you think CRM could evolve in the future and how it should be taught to all aviation staff. About 200 words. Word Count Please also add a word count at the bottom of the essay. It should be within 10% of 2000 words.