Criminal Procedures Assignment

John Doe is an individual that left his country in an effort to make a better life. However, hedoes not have legal status in America and was recently arrested for shoplifting merchandise, whichwas valued over $1,000. At the time of his arrest, John voluntarily began to make incriminatingstatements to the arresting officers. At the police station, detectives conducted an interview ofJohn asking him about the theft. John Doe has had no prior arrests, is 35 years old, and most ofJohn Does family still resides in his home country. Due to the amount of money involved, the crimeis deemed a felony and John was arrested and placed in the county jail in Toms River, NJ. He isgoing to face the judge in the Ocean County Superior Court; however, he has no money for bail.Please discuss the following questions, explaining your answers in detail by analyzing the factspresented and other factors you consider relevant; defining and explaining key legal terms andprinciples; and citing legal authority (your text and other legal authority) to support yourconclusions in a 2 3 page paper (excluding the title page and reference page).1.Since John was in custody, what are the procedural steps the police were required to take onceJohn began to incriminate himself?2.What procedural steps must the officers perform following Johns arrest and interview at thepolice station?3.The court could choose either a preliminary hearing or a grand jury proceeding to establishprobable cause for the felony charges in this case. Compare and contrast the two procedures.4.Identify what issues the judge would take into consideration when setting bond for John.5.Explain what an arraignment is and what occurs during an arraignment.(PLEASE NOTE: This assignment may require outside research)The paper should contain a cover page and a list of references in APA format. All internal citation of outside sources plus the listing of all references should also adhere toAPA format.