DB03 Welcome Israel

After you read DB3_Instructions.txt, then read the textbook PDF called Textbook_Module4_Intro.pdf. This pdf discussions what case studies and other info for module 4. You only need to focus on part of it that talks about Welcome Israel case study and the readings. Once you read that, then you can start with reading WelcomeIsrael.pdf and the other PDFs before to start on the discussion board post assignment.Module 4 Discussion Board 3 Post Below.The case of Welcome Israel provides another opportunity to analyze individual and organizational approach to change(s) and the impact of those changes. The case provides a synopsis with Ofra Sherman and Glaxo’s situations as the change was unfolding between these two firms. As you reflect on the change in this case study, respond to the following prompts as you prepare your DB thread for this assignment:1. What did Glaxo-Welcome do? What should they have done?2. Did Ofra Sherman do the right thing? What would you have done?3. What was Ofra Sherman’s predicament? How did she get into it?4. How do you evaluate her actions as described in the case?I have uploaded the readings from the book Jick, T. D., & Peiperl, M. A. (2011). Managing change. The two readings are*The Recipients of Change *Back to Square Zero: The Post Corporate Career *Welcome Israel The rubric states the following: 0 to 15 points 1. All key components of the Discussion Board Forum prompt are addressed in the thread.0 to 35 points Major points are supported by the following: 1. Reading & Study materials; 2. Pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples; 3. Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts); 4. Citations in current APA format; and 550 words minimum 5. Integration of at least 2 peer-reviewed articles not from the readings