Description of Assignment:

Each team will review, teach, and discuss one of the readings required for the course. Your individual journals, which produce written reviews of each paper assigned in this course, will help you to articulate and understand multiple perspectives of each journal article. Class time provided should be utilized to discuss/understand each article. Required: 1) Each team will discuss and articulate the essence of each reading assignment. 2) I want each team to provide the course with one 30-minute oral presentation. This will occur during the time block of when a given article is to be read, hence it will be correlated with the readings, individual journal entries, and my integrative lecture. I will assign the selected papers that each team will present. Each team is expected to engage the class in discussion. This experience will place you in the role of teaching. Teaching content helps to consolidate memory and learning for materials so that is the reasoning behind this part of the dyad teamwork.