Discussion 4 Aspects of Postmodernism

Find two traits on this list and show how they are evident in Elegance of the Hedgehog. Be sure toprovide a supporting quote and example in your discussin for each trait. Then, show how one trait(not discussed for Hedgehog) is evident in one of the stories from Unit 1 and how another trait(not used for Hedgehog) is evident in one of the poems from Unit II. Write 50-75 words for eachtrait. Characteristics of Postmodernism: mid-1950s-present: The Other: Those outside the realm of power and not adequately represented by those in power; TheOther includes, members of minorities (African-American, Asian-American, Native American,Hispanic-American, etc.). Also included are gays and lesbians, women (even though women make up themajority, they has never been an equal number of female senators or congressmen as men). Children,the homeless, and handicapped are also amongst this group. Multiculturalism and Feminism: Giving voice to those who are traditionally without power in asociety dominated by white males; such as gays and lesbians, women, children, the homeless, ethnicgroups, and minorities Equivocation of High Brow and Low Brow: Science Fiction and Mystery Fiction (traditionally thoughtof as pulp or pop fiction written by hack writers but is now taken seriously) Collaboration (over individual genius); film is a good example, so is science fiction or mysterywriting. Black Humor/The Absurd: When odd events that occur in a humorous way. Open Ending: no closure or resolution a the end of a work, providing a sense that life for thecharacter will continue Sexuality: More open depiction of sexuality than in the past; also, depiction of previously taboosubjects like rape, pedophilia, and abuse Deconstruction: The notion of tearing down old traditions to create new ones. Writing a poem ortelling a story without relying on any of the commonly used traditions of these genres. Magical Realism: The use of traditional local color realism with sudden and unexpected magicalevents. Developed by Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. See also W.P Kinsella’s baseballnovel Shoeless Joe, made into the film Field of Dreams. Magical events that occur in the context ofa realistic story. Antihero or Heroless Novel: A protagonist or hero who is unexpected. The hero can be a fool, aweakling, an insane person or someone who is slow (like Forest Gump). Other types of anti heroesare the handicapped, a member of a minority. Even an alien can be an antihero. Anti-verisimilitude: Fiction that avoids Realism, sort of like abstract painting. The storytelleris clearly telling a story without any of the machinery of verisimilitude. Metafiction or Metanarrative: Metafiction refers to stories that are about storytelling. Postmodern Family: Takes into account the rise in the divorce rate over the past 50 years and thesubsequent impact on society—thus, there are step families, half brothers, etc. Hypertext Fiction (or e-fiction): Fiction written on-line only; see Joyce’s “Afternoon: A Story” orLarsen’s Ferris Wheel.