Please answer and include the following content for Octopus. The guidelines are as follows: The plan should be roughly 3 pages, double spaced. Figures, maps or graphs are encouraged and are outside this limit. It should be organized using full sentences and paragraphs with clearly labeled sub-headings (group the topics listed above) and well-written (proof-read) You must correctly cite (within text) the sources you used in designing the planThe content that needs to be included is the following (Octopus): Both the scientific name and common name of your species The habitat requirements of your species & the historical and current geographic range Position within the food web/trophic relations Discussion of what kind of life history characteristics (r vs. K strategist) Justified estimation of the amount of land/ocean habitat required for 1 individual of your species to survive (if species is very small, then provide area for a set # of individuals) Justified estimation of minimum viable population size The primary uses of the species by humans Current population sizes and endangered status Current threats to the species, recognizing that some species are viewed as pests (threats might include: overharvesting, climate change, habitat loss and/or fragmentation, disease, pollution, disturbance, and/or invasive species) Provide two specific management recommendations with explanation for specifically how or why this would benefit your species Provide one fun fact about your species (something really interesting)