essay 2 questions

BIS209, Autumn 2016, First Take-Home Test, Due Monday November 7 in class Please answer TWO out of the following FIVE questions in well-organized essays of a page and a half (they can be a little more, but not less). Be sure to discuss both formal qualities and content. You may need to google images you discuss. Please include the images in your essays. (Images are not counted as part of the page count). Refer directly to the readings by paraphrasing at least once and using direct quotes at least once. Introduce each paraphrase and quotation with a phrase that includes the authors name. Put page numbers in parentheses after each citation. Examples: PARAPHRASE: According to Nochlin, women have been seen as being on the outside. (145) DIRECT QUOTE: Schapiro writes, Monet could appear variable at any given moment, producing many surprising variations of the common matter. (180) Please use the third person only. For all questions, please address both formal qualities and content Please cite the sources of all information or ideas you include in your essays.1) According to Linda Nochlin, in Why Are There No Great Women Artists? what are some of social conditions, traditions of Western art and the concepts about the great artist that have made it difficult for women to succeed as artists? What were some of the ways some women artists managed to succeed? Discuss three examples of works by at least two women artists in the context of these questions and the artists specific talents, styles and approaches. Refer specifically to Nochlins analyses. (please include artists, titles and dates)2) Referring to both Rewalds Tragedy in Arles and van Goghs Letters, discuss three paintings by van Gogh in terms of his thoughts about his own art, especially in terms of what he said about the importance of color and symbolism.