Reading Journal #2 Choose one of the following questions to write a response to. This response should be 1-page long. As with our last reading journal, use the writing to help you make sense of the reading. Bring a hard copy of your response with you to class. Well use it to help organize our discussion. Submit this into D2L Assignment folder before our class. 1. In the story Maple Sugar Moon (pp. 63-71), Nanabozho finds that people have grown lazy due to the bounty of the first Maple trees. Nanabozho removes this culture of plenty by diluting the sap and teaching the people to honor and respect the gift of the Maple tree. Can you draw any parallels from this story and our consumer-driven economy? In what ways are we wasting earths gifts its non-renewable, natural resources? 2. In Allegiance to Gratitude (pp. 103-117), Kimmerer introduces the Thanksgiving Address used by the indigenous people to give thanks to the land. She states, it is the credo for a culture of gratitude. (p. 115) How does the Thanksgiving Address support the concept of our mutual allegiance as human delegates to the democracy of the species? (p. 116) What does that mean to you?