1 John Paul II 2 Elie Wiesel 3 Dietrich Bonhoeffer 4 Martin Luther KingAll the mentioned names above had profoundly significant, but profoundly different religious beliefs.Discuss the most significant aspect of the religious beliefs of these four leaders, especially paying attention to how their religious beliefs (and doubts) affected the work they ended up doing as moral leaders.Please site any resources you use and try to make they essay simple and creative. Dont get deeply into religion, but rather what these leaders did and believed.Questions that might orient the essay could be (but not limited to): 1- To what extent were their beliefs orthodox, or traditional, within their own religious faith tradition? 2- How did they view the role of God, vs. the role of humans, in determining what happens in the world? 3-What can be described as the main themes of their religious ethics, that is, the moral beliefs they derived from their religion? 4- What was their view of the role of faith communities in advancing a moral agenda in society? 5- How did they understand the relationship between religion, politics, and society? 6- To what extent were their beliefs about changing the way things are, vs. keeping them the same as they are?