Film & Theater studies

watch the film Do the Right Thing, by Spike Lee (1989) Answer the following questions. Question 1: Sal is the owner of an Italian American pizzeria situated in a predominantly black neighborhood. Why does Buggin Out seems to be so upset about the pictures on Sals Wall of Fame? What does he want from Sal? What would you do, if you were Sal? Question 2: In one of the most famous scenes of the entire movie Mookie, Pino, and other characters use racial slurs one against the other facing the camera. Why is this scene important? Is it meaningful that all these people are watching directly into the camera, and why? Question 3: Sal is speaking with his older son, Pino. Pino wants Sal to move the pizzeria in another neighborhood. Sal, on the contrary, says that he likes being there because, over the years, he saw the kids in the neighborhood growing, and he is proud. Why does Sal feel proud? Is there any connection with Italian American culture? If yes, what is the connection? Question 4: Throughout the movie we see racial tensions rising in the neighborhood. Could you give at least two examples of these tensions before the fight between Radio Raheem and Sal? Question 5: What is the difference between Sals two brothers, Pino and Vito? Are they both hostile towards the black people in the neighborhood or not? Make reference to a specific scene of the movie. Question 6: After Radio Raheem is killed by the police, what does Mookie do, and why? Question 7: After having destroyed Sals pizzeria the crowd turns against the Korean vendor; the latter says to them: Im black!. What does he really mean with that? Do you agree with him? Question 8: The movie ends with a quotation from Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, two black leaders with a very different point of view on the use of violence. Do these quotations have anything to do with the title of the movie? What is the right thing that Spike Lee asks the audience to do?