Finals Essay on CIT

Using three authors from the course reader, write an expository essay explaining how these three authors represent one of the following claims of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. The claim that i chose is reason and faith being compatible and how St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas and now Dantes The Divine Comedy all show that reason and faith are compatible. This is a very important essay, as it counts for 40% of our grade. Please make sure that you understand what st. Augustine was all about as well as his view on how reason and faith are compatible. The three sources will only be on the three books, St. Augustine : Confessions, St. Thomas Aquinas and Dantes the Divine Comedy. No other sources to be used. When using Dantes inferno, use only these sections: Inferno Canto 1 Dante Inferno Cantos 2-5 Dante Inferno Cantos 31-35 Dante Purgatorio 30-31 Dante Purgatorio 32-33 Paradiso Canto 33 We have only read these sections in class thats why. When writing the essay, Please make sure that you are putting in your thoughts and writing in your points and beliefs, and not just stating facts. The Professor wants more Critical thinking, and wants proof of the points you make in the essay. Make sure to back up every claim you make from the readings, as she wants a lot of support and a lot of quotes to be used. Feel free to input ur opinion and what you think about a certain point. All these readings should be pretty easy to find online, but if not, always send me a message and i can try to send you pictures of pages.