green marketing

The climate change is one of the top three challenges facing the world today. “Green” has gone mainstream because people are worried about sustainability-related issues, and they are beginning to comprehend the impact these issues will have on their lives now, and in the years ahead. The fear on the fact that the planet is losing its ability to sustain human life and on issues such as climate change, has made sure that the market invest in renewable resources. For these reasons companies are driving significant new investments in renewable energy. In this way, companies are starting to engage, more or less consciously, on an issue of social relevance that therefore needs to be communicated. Nowadays, consumers are much more informed and critical on this theme. For such a reason they are always looking for new information about specific brand in order to make an informed choice at the time of purchase. As a result, companies must not lose the possibility to start to pursue new ways of communicating their action to protect the environment to consumers. So, they have the opportunity to stay competitive and in line with the needs of their consumers. In particular, how big tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google etc., are investing in renewable energy?