Halting the use of CFCs is the best way of minimizing the depletion of the ozone layer.

Persuade your audience that one of the solutions to the climate change or sustainability related problem that you researched is the best. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions (including any that you may have thought of); use all of the three appeals of logos, ethos and pathos. (In your paper, you do not have to point out that your examples are using logos, ethos and pathos.) Convince your readers that the problem is significant, and persuade them to follow through on your call to action.What Im looking for Clear ideas and writing, organized in a standard essay format.In the introduction to your paper, describe the background to the problem (including its causes and effects) and explain why this is a serious problem that deserves attention. State a clear, specific thesis (or main idea) that identifies both the problem and the best solution.The body paragraphs should evaluate solutions that have been formulated in response to this issue and contain passages of support and information from your research. Include any opposing views, other alternative solutions, and any plan of action for addressing the problem. You can also include any ideas for a solution that you may have thought of. Use information that covers all the three appeals of logos, ethos and pathos.In the conclusion, include a call to action, which is the specific action that you want readers to take in order to solve the problem after theyve read your entire paper. (This call to action is usually the same as the idea worth spreading for your KCCed talk.) Explain the call to action thoroughly and realistically, so the reader will be convinced.Make sure you use in-text citations for all information (quotes, summaries, paraphrases) from sources. Include a Works Cited page, in MLA formatHere my plan for paragraphs: Intro: Background on the problem in position why its important Heres my tentative thesis statement: While some suggest using public means of transportation as a way to stop the ozone layer to depleting, the best choice to reduce the proplem is to prohibit the use of Chlorofluorocarbons.2nd paragraph: use of public transportation is one of the solution but not the best. Why this isnt the best.3rd: Best solution is the prohibiting the use of CFCs. reason, info from sources, explain.4th: Conclusion: Restate thesis Call to actionIt doesnt have to be exactly 4 paragraphs, you can add it more because this mostly talks about why prohibting the use of CFC is the best solution.