Health promotion Assesment.

Throughout the course you are required to apply Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns (GFHP)—a comprehensive assessment tool—that reflects the health patterns of individuals, families, and communities. Project Overview: You will use this tool (GFHP) to collect and collate data about a family chosen by you to complete the following activities: Assessment of the health patterns in the family using a health promotion model. A summary of your findings from Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns Tool. Development and discussion of strategies to enhance the family’s health status with educational resources. A discussion of complementary strategies that can be used by the family. Tasks: In a 1page essay, complete the following activities: Identify a family with at least four members. Try to select a family with a cultural or ethnic background that is different from your own. Provide a rationale for choosing this family that has health issues in need of intervention. Choose a Health Promotion Model that will guide your work with the family.