Please read the attachments below and answer the question:1- From what you have learned so far, what advantages does the system of central planning have over a free market economy? What are the disadvantages? Give specific examples from your readings / viewings.And then make two separate responses or comments to the following discussion forms:1- I guess depending on how you look at it, the good and bad can differ from person to person. One good thing that Twigg mentioned was the Universal Social Safety Net. To have the basic needs and having a secured job with a livable salary and healthcare which reduced the amount of criminal activity and homeless. On the other hand, it was a restrictive net, not allowing them to become more and reach for the stars as one would say. With the market being controlled by the government, it provided a stable resource for residents to buy products and be assured that the material they needed was there. But then there was the black market, which allowed people to buy things at a lesser value than what the original market provided. Another, what I considered, bad aspect of the Soviet regime was censorship; its hard for me to imagine to be careful of what you say. It prevented citizens from being creative and grow a curiosity for topics like arts and music. It prevented people from learning about the government they were currently in during the Soviet regime. When the regime ended, I think people realized that they had many things handed to them in exchange for quiet and work, and they miss it; especially when the rate of poverty and unemployment raised. But I think that itd be better to have the liberty to speak my mind and be able to create whatever comes to their mind, but I cant speak for them as I dont know if they were comfortable living in a universal system that provided them the basics then have it taken away. (Nayelie Valenzuela)2- The section Where Have All the Russians Gone? Russias Demographic Disaster talks about the major problems in Russia from the 1990s. Putin talks about the greatest threat, which is their demographic crisis. The section states the crisis was because of damaged gene pool, increased poverty, the psychological stress of massive social dislocations, recrudescence of diseases, and alcohol abuse. The population is decreasing by 750,000 per year. Health care has become to costly in Russia and the poor cannot afford it and are getting diseases and cant afford to be treated and the death rate is increasing. Similar to The United States health care is very expensive. Finally Obama created the affordable health care which caters to the poor who cannot afford it. This article also talks about higher education being a middle-class entitlement, this is also similar to the United States because college now a days is around 30,000 dollars per year and many people cannot afford to send their kids to school. In this section it states over half of the students in higher education in Russia are among the 23% of families considered to be well off. Im not saying the two countries are the same because they clearly arent. Russias crisis is far worst their is just some similarities with the problems they face.(Tyler Talatian)