How Seattles Chinatown became the International District

Based on class reading, films, and lecture notes, students will write a term paper on an issue or topic related to globalization and identities on the Pacific Rim. Literature and sources for the term paper can be from class readings, or from your own literature search. The student should formulate a topic that meets the following criteria: 1) is related to globalized processes of identity formation; 2) relates to the Pacific Rim; 3) is suitable to analyze, or answer a why or how type of research question. Narrowly defined topics work best. Avoid large topics which cannot be adequately dealt with in the 8-10 page format such as Chinas role in the global economy or American Japanese relations post WWII The paper should not simply summarize a weekly topic from the course syllabus, such as Citizenship and nationalism, but it can be a more specific subject that is related to these topics, such as The dubious meaning of American citizenship for Japanese-Americans during WWII.Importance of theory and analysis: In writing this paper the student should put forth a how or why research question. For example How have online chat rooms changed the character and nature of Chinese overseas communities in Oregon? or How has American consumer identity (and behavior) changed in light of media accounts of degrading factory conditions in Asia? Then proceed to give an objective account of about what has occurred, and theoretical explanations of why this may be the case. The student should try to weave in theory, as covered in the first section of this class, to pose interesting questions, and answer the questions in a thoughtful way. This paper should neither simply recount a chronology of events nor simply advocate a position on a certain point. Rather than beginning with a thesis, begin by asking a question. You are encouraged to approach the topic in an objective way that acknowledges diverse viewpoints on your topic.