please Watch the video and follow the instructions: This post is to be created after viewing the Michael Sicko movie in the assignment category. The post is to be reflective and scholarly with references to support your opinion. The movie is very applicable today with these turbulent times in health care. As change is created in the future through policy and new health care administration, think about what you have learned and what you will consider as a nurse with health care. I look forward to reading your posts as this is a very HOT topic that will impact all of us as nurses and evenour loved ones and friends. NO ONE is exempt. This is your final post. I look forward to your thoughts with the literature to support you.This week you will write your final discussion post. You will go to the movies by cutting and pasting the Michael Sicko documentary regarding health care in America. (see below) This movie made in 2007 is so real and still very on target with health care insurance issues. I ask you to find a place to curl up on a sofa, watch the movie (124 minutes) and reflect on the movie. This is VERY concerning to us as a nurse today. As these changing times begin with a new administration in our US government, think about what is different or still the same. Follow the directions in the post area and write your post with references regarding your observations with health care in America. I look forward to your thoughts and final discussion posts. The winds of December are upon us. Your post is due December 5 at 1159PM. Meanwhile, your presentations for the final assignments will follow. Take time this week and next to create your masterpiece according to the rubrics in the course. You are almost done, and I look forward to see you present your topics in a different venue. Have a great week.