a. The company for which you wish to be hired as a contractor needs to purchase new personal computers. The company requires clarification regarding all technical specifications for the PCs with justifications for each attribute. (Note: specify hard drive capacity, speed, RAM, etc., and also recommend an operating system.) b. The company is looking for at least 20 business-class machines. Brand is not mandated. The company will eventually network all of the computers. The company is looking for you to explain what internal and external networking components are required (explaining each and justifying WHY you chose the machines you did). c. All proposals should include cost elements. Peripherals (Consider drafting this topic during Module 3.) a. The company has asked that you provide details regarding the different types of peripheral equipment that can be connected to the computers proposed in the PC Selection section. Include descriptions of the types of connections needed for monitors, storage devices, printers, and any other devices you feel would be appropriate for the scenario described.b. All proposals should include cost elements. Networking (Consider drafting this topic during Module 6.) a. You are required to provide a solution that can connect all users in a manner that will allow them to manage and share files in a central location. These are the basic requirements, but you are encouraged to be creative in proposed solutions, keeping in mind that while the organization is growing quickly, it remains relatively small. Security a. In this section be sure to discuss how the individual PCs and network would be secured.