Before write, please read following pages: (Page 136-166 Ethics) (Page 1109-1125 History and Nature of Corporations) (Page 1129-1149 Organization of Corps) (Page 1152-1184 Management of Corporations) (Page 1189-1217 management of Corps cond/SHAREHOLDERS RIGHTS AND LIABILITIES) (Page 1221-1266 Securities Regulation Cond) Your essay must been double-spaced, 12-point font. Then answer the questions: In making business decisions, what ethical considerations (especially those we went over in Mallor) are required to supplement the laws and regulations we have covered in this class (particularly in the areas of corporations and securities laws)? In your answer be sure and also use specific examples from the law to compare and contrast with the applicable ethical considerations (e.g., fiduciary duties, the 1934 Act, etc.) Be specific. Limit your analysis and comments to the assigned readings, class lectures and discussions.