Lead teams in a personal services environment

1. Reflect on your experience in a team. This can be any team, a work team or a community team. . a) What were the ground rules of the team? . b) Were they different to the rules above? . c) What were the rules that worked? . d) Could some common rules have made the team interactions more positive? . e) Looking back on the team, what changes would you make to ensure that the ?team functioned to it maximum? . 2. Identify a real or hypothetical problem within your team. You can use any previous experience from any other team environments that you have been in before. . a) Come up with at least 4 different possible solutions. . b) Create a criteria for selecting the best solution and why. . c) How would you put your solution into action and how will you measure that it has been successful? . 3. Use the same or different problem that you have identified in the previous question. . a) Make use of one of the three methods for facilitating idea flow to generate ideas to help ?you solve the problem. . b) Explain the process and any materials and or questions that you will use to facilitate ?your group discussion.