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Several internal and external factors can influence employee job satisfaction and engagement, and these factors may change over time. In the 10 years that the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has been conducting its job satisfaction survey, there has been a noticeable fluctuation in employees overall satisfaction with their jobs. This fluctuation could be attributed to changes within the workplace as well as economic, demographic and social trends.According to this study, in 2012 81% of U.S. employees reported overall satisfaction with their current job, with 38% of employees indicating they were very satisfied and 43% somewhat satisfied. Employees overall satisfaction with their jobs is down five percentage points from its peak of 86% in 2009 and our percentage points above its low in 2002 (77%). When it comes to employee engagement at work in 2012, on average, employees were only moderately engaged (3.6, on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is highly disengaged, 3 is moderately engaged and 5 is highly engaged). Employee engagement levels have not changed in the two years that SHRM has been collecting this metric.Employee engagement, which may or may not be aligned with employee job satisfaction, is about the employees connection and commitment to the organization.The top five aspects contributing to employee engagement in 2012 were very similar to the 2011 results; the main difference among the lists was that the aspect employees frequently feel that they are putting all their effort into their work made the top five list in 2012. 83% of employees reported that they are determined to accomplish their work goals and confident they can meet their goals. 79% of employees reported satisfaction with their relationship with their co-workers. 75% of employees were satisfied with opportunities to use their skills and abilities at work. 72% of employees were satisfied with how their work contributed to their organizations business goals. 71% of employees reported that they frequently felt that they were putting all their effort into their work and that they were satisfied with their relationship with their immediate supervisor.Assignment:Using the above as an example conduct a the library search on employee satisfaction. Perform structured comparative analysis of different sources and develop a 4-page paper essay. Use theories to justify your arguments.Set out clearly your own explanation of job satisfaction answering the following questions below.Questions: 1) As a result of your structured comparative analysis develop a model of what are the top three things that employers could do to increase job satisfaction of their staff? 2) Suggest and justify with supporting reasons how can employers increase employees commitment? 3) As an extension to your job satisfaction model synthesizethe search results and structure the impact of the job motivation on the company performance and results. Choose the alternative that you think will fit the best with UAE multicultural environment. Use body of knowledge to answer question. Make sure your information is relevant to the GCC region. Make your own notes on your findings, and be prepared to talk about your findings and opinions about this in class