Bowling for Columbine Please share your reactions and what struck you about this film. With this documentary, Michael Moore loosely uses the Scientific method to search for the root causes of gun violence in America. What new information did you learn about the Columbine shooting? What hypotheses does Moore explore? How does he go about getting data? What differences in other cultures may account for their different outcomes? What conclusions have you come to about this situation? Who did you like hearing from- Marilyn Mansion? the South Park guys? Dick Clark? Charlton Heston? How does Moore make progress on this issue? What would need to happen in our culture to diminish our gun violence? The more connections you can make to the models of understanding and other course material, the higher your response will be graded.Hi, for the last question, I request the same writer that wrote one of assignments ( the Nacirema) for this class, so he or she can make the connection between them.