1. What are the major problems in this Unit of the hospital? Remember to list the major problems-the ones that you think Barbara can address reasonably based on her power.2. What kind of power does she have..remember to check the different powers and decide high or low.3. How high is her credibility at this point and is she a good choice for the job.. make sure you explain your answers.4. What kind of change is required based on your analysis Theory E or Theory O-explain your answer.5. Is this incremental-transitional-transformational6. Is the proactive or reactive?7. If you were an outside consultant what leadership style would you use: logical supporting. command etc.8.Action Plan: Using slide 20 from the Debrief powerpoint presentation located in week 11 supporting material create the action plan. Include a time line.9. Which of the individual nurses who are featured in the case will be most resistant/ and least resistant and provide some evidence as to why you think that is the case.