microprocessors and software Referral

You should submit the following:Task 1)Please submit a short report indicating the functionality of your application. Include in thisreport your program design. You should also submit your assembly file (.ASM file) so I can verify its operation in picsim. Theassembly file should include comments and compile successfully using gpasm. If you do not submit this fileyou will automatically be awarded 0% out of 50% for the program implementation.Task 2)You should submit a short report of 2 pages or lessThe completed reports and flow charts should be saved as pdf filesThese pdf files, along with the commented source code file should be zipped and submitted via blackboardCoursework SpecificationTask 1) 50% for program design and implementation Create an assembly application for the pic microcontroller that will increase and decrease aprogram register. You should design your application using an appropriate method (flowchart/pseudo code) and then implement this on PICSIM board 1. The specification of what is required is as follows: ? ? ?You will use two buttons (RA1 and RA2) to cycle up and down the register values The register that will be used is PORTB (so that there is a display of the count in binary form) You will need to add a delay to the code so that the count can be seen.You should provide the details of any assumptions made.Task 2) 50% for report Provide a short report (maximum 2 pages including references) that answers the following question: What are the differences between the following processor instruction sets?