Music Theory.

If the key signature is one sharp and the final tonic chord is C major, what is the mode of the piece? _ 4. Construct the different types of seventh chords below, all on C-sharp in root position. Include labels, and include chord symbols if you like. 5. Using the staff below, illustrate how a dominant 7th chord can be used as a German 6th . This can be done simply through just chord spelling, or more elaborately by providing a context. In any case, demonstrate that you understand the concept. f} .., I . v 4U . I I6. Analyze the following Beethoven reduction, using Roman numerals beneath the staff. The key is F major. t..,l I I- I ~.J , 1- ~ -:v u < .,.. vL 0I.0. 4- h. 9- I I7. The following chorale tjesu der du meine Seele) is in Gminor. There are three modulations-the first to F major, then to B-flat major, then finally the return to Gminor. Locate each modulation, identify the type of modulation, and analyze the harmonies involved in the modulation. r