Network Technology and Management (N+) class.

This is for Network Technology and Management (N+) class.First, I would like you to use basic English words please because I am an international student.Each answer of the following questions should be separate. The questions are:1-Looking back to the materials in the class which layer of the OSI Model is the most important? Here are quick ways to remember the layers: PDNTSPA Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, ApplicationPlease Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away All People Seem to Need Data Processing Please do Not Touch Steves Pet Alligator Please Do Not Take Sales Peoples Advice answer with 250 words, please.Please add 1 reference.Please know that this will be the last class. So, the following question is like what did you learn from this class? 2- Now after eight weeks later from day 1 How has this class and materials covered benefit your future goals? answer with 200 words, please.We use this book (Network+ Guide to Networks, Seventh Editionby Jill West, Tamara Dean, Jean Andrews (2016 Course Technology, Gengage Learning) ISBN 978-1-305-09094-1).So, add the book as a reference, please.Thank you,