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You can now take this order, if you are ready to complete it for the given price of $30 within the deadline required.Note: This order will be assigned to you and removed from bidding. Double check if you are able to work on it! Your request for reassignment may lead to fine enrollment. The legislative framework1. a separate last page with a list of the words identified in (d) above, Arabic (using 1) Prepare an overview of your topics, key terms and central ideas. 1. 2 page, double sided, SINGLE spaced, 1 inch margins, A4 paper, Arial font size 11. ?Dont let yourself down and try to submit something different. Im old(er), I spot everything! 2. POINTS are to be written in sentences, but NOT PARAGRAPH or ESSAY style. CHECK YOUR GRAMMAR/WRITING to make sure it makes sense. 3. Points may be written closely to the text of the book but make absolutely sure you know what the words mean (check GOOGLE, study the context of the sentence to understand the words, seek help from the student writing center or elsewhere if you need to). I will ask you in your seminar what points actually mean, and the students-audience should too. If you cannot answer it sufficiently well, with clear understanding, it will be evident and result in a lower grade. Like we say in English the cream rises to the top! (the best). 4. For all terms/concept names, include (in brackets) the Arabic translation but use Latin (English) letters however. Do this in the written summary AND the presentation. 5. ALSO create English letters again) and English AND the meaning of the word (in English). 6. ONLY use staples; no other types of covers etc. 7. Ensure your first name, class # and ID are on EVERY PAGE.its all chapter 4 but the teacher deleted some information of the chapter docent include so I will attach pictures of the chapter information will include.