21.write an application letter
What Is A Personal Statement?

A personal statement is one of two basic types of admissions essays (the other one is a structured question). As a rule, it is used mainly as a part of an application to graduate programs, residencies, law and medical schools. The standard length of this custom written paper is from 500 to 1000 words.

The key purpose of writing a personal statement is to provide quite a broad overview of an applicant. Also, such pieces of custom writing are often used as a source of additional information about an applicant since a lot of companies and academic institutions have their own prompts in case they need to learn some specific facts about their potential employees or students.

When writing a personal statement, an applicant is usually asked to mention where he or she developed an interest in the chosen field, describe his or her achievements, experience, skills, and, of course, plans for the future career and goals. In the end of a personal statement, it’s also important for an applicant to explain why he or she wants to attend that academic institution.

If a person wants to be accepted into university or college of their dreams, he or she has to deal with the fact that a personal statement is one of the most important papers required for that, and, therefore, such piece of custom writing has to be not only brief and informative, but also well-organized, logical, and engaging.