A problem-solution essay is basically an extended description of one problem, and its main goal is to find the best solutions to this problem while creating appropriate problem solution questions and choosing the right problem solution methods in order to succeed. Such custom written papers require conducting a proper research before trying to write them. As a rule, problem-solution essays are assigned in composition classes.

In order to create a great problem-solution essay you need to come up with an argument for your solution to a chosen problem, or to emphasize a strong case that explains why that problem has to be solved urgently. Such essay writing assignments should consist of basic essay parts: an introduction that is followed by a thesis, then a body that has to explain everything, and a conclusion.

At first, you have to find yourself a problem that you have to discuss. It would be helpful to do a research in regard to possible topics for custom essay writing assignments and write down some ideas that could be used as a base for the discussion of each topic. It’s important to choose interesting topics that you could create the best problem solution questions for and that can be viewed from several various perspectives. However, they should be narrow enough so that solutions still could be possible to imagine.

Then you have to make sure that the introduction of your problem-solution essay provides a clear description of the problem and some relevant background information. Also, you have to try to explain the causes of that problem (if possible, of course) as well as its extent, effect, and possible consequences if it’s going to stay unresolved. In general, your aim is to help your readers understand the problem and provide all necessary information for that.

The thesis of your essay writing assignment may argue for the urgent need to solve the problem or for its single solution. The thesis you come up should consist of one sentence only. Its purpose – to express the main point of your paper.

The body of your custom writing task should describe some solutions to the problem and predict the outcomes of these solutions. It’s also important to mention pros and cons to each solution as well as their feasibility. Of course, if there’s any information on attempts that have been made in order to solve the problem you’re writing about, you have to include it too.

The conclusion usually contains a call to action, agitating the readers to become involved – either in making the proposed solution come true or continuing to search for the right answers. Future consequences of the problem and the effects of leaving it unresolved can be used as motivation. You will succeed when you realize that your readers are interested in the problem.

Of course, writing such custom written essays is not easy at all, and you have to spend a lot of time while conducting a proper research, creating relevant problem solution questions and trying to decide which problem solution methods to use.

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