Project Planning and Control

Developing a Project Initiation Document for an Entrepreneurs Caf in Watford 1. Company Background and Business Venture Your company New Business Ventures Ltd, a private sector company, operates across the London area and wants to create a relaxed caf environment for entrepreneurs to have business events, network, make deals and entertain clients. This project will be the first caf of its kind and if successful NBV Ltd will roll-out further cafes in 2017.The project sponsor is the development director of NBV Ltd who has been offered a ground floor premises in Watford with a floor space of 25 metres square (625 metres square) in which to develop the Entrepreneurs Internet Caf. This premises was a former bookshop and is structurally sound and has no bookshop fixtures or fittings remaining (i.e. shelves, cupboards). The floor and walls are bare and will need decorating. There will be a 500/month leasehold fee for the property for the first year and your group will require contractors to decorate, furnish and install tables, chairs, coffee making machines and service counters. There will be limited food prepared within the cafe with the menu limited to drinks (hot and cold) and sandwiches/rolls/cakes. No major cooking other than sandwich toaster(s)/microwave(s)/grill(s) will be used within the caf. The caf will offer a high tech environment such as Wi-Fi facilities for its customers and other tech gadgets for entrepreneurs that your group might suggest to your project sponsor (i.e. presentation facilities, plasma screens etc for business presentations).2. Project Requirements You and your team, as employees of NVB Ltd are now to develop a business case, called a Project Initiation Document (PID), which will determine the feasibility of the Entrepreneurs Caf. This plan, which will be part of a complete business plan (not part of this assignment), is to be submitted to your company to obtain funding for the project.The areas to be covered are detailing the requirements caf and designing a plan for the caf, obtaining quotations from suppliers, monitoring the refurbishment programme, purchasing the major items for the caf, supervising the development, acceptance and ensuring the caf is ready for handover to an operations team.a) Your PID must determine the tasks, costs, schedule and risks to determine the feasibility of developing a Entrepreneurs Caf b) Your plan must include carrying out the following tasks (not necessarily in this order or a complete list) Requirements of the caf and a layout of the cafe Discussion and negotiation with suppliers Deciding the functionality of the caf Discussion and negotiation with suppliers Monitoring the development of the caf Acceptance and testing the caf Installation and commissioningc) The Project Initiation Document (PID) is to have the following contents: Executive Summary and Recommendations Project Objectives Scope (Summary of the main headings of the WBS) Functionality of the caf Constraints Assumptions Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)Individual Work Project Organisation and Responsibilities Schedule of activities with estimated durations Dependencies and a Network Diagram showing critical path Resources required Project Organisation and Responsibilities (team to manage the development and marketing of the caf, etc.) Stakeholder Analysis Cost Estimation, Assumptions, Budget on a month by month basis Project Risk Management plan, including an initial assessment of key risks. Monitoring and Control Handover and Acceptance Plan d) PID The PID will be presented to your project sponsor on 8th April 2016 and used to decide whether to continue with the pilot implementation. Your project team is responsible for producing the Project Initiation Document, (PID). The project period for the PID (i.e. implementing and handover for the project) is from May to July 2016.a) You can give yourself roles within the project team shown above and employ further staff, as you feel necessary. These roles are different to the A, B, C, etc., roles, which you adopt when you submit the assignment. See Assignment Submission. b) You will use external contractors and assume the manpower rate charged will be 250 per day. c) As employees you will only charge a notional amount to cover day-to-day costs, say 100.Must use Havard referencing and in text citation throughout