Reengineering Proposal Process

Compare and Contrast the impact that Joseph M. Juran and W. Edwards Deming has had on one of Fords Motor Company reengineering processes which yield a quick result that was a change and benefit to the customer (internal or external). Describe the design anddetailed solution and execution plan by Ford Motor Company in the reengineering process. Write a 3 page APA formatted paper that outlines a process that Ford Motor Company reengineered. The paper should reflect critical thinking as it relates to Quality and Performance Excellence of the organization. At a minimum, the paper is to include the following: Short Introduction Describe the Company or Organization Describe the current state of business Describe the change required and why what will the benefits be? What are the chances for success, how much time will it take to make the change, what resources are required, what is the expected return on investment, how will you measure or ensure customer satisfaction? What pitfalls need to be addresses in advance of the reengineering effort? Conclusion