Write a persuasive essay in which you argue for a specific change in the law or government policy.You may choose any issue that you desire. However, it must be something that can be effected by aparticular political action (such as passing of a law, development of a constitutional amendment,revision of government policy, etc). Here are a few of the possible issues that you may choose to write about: • The right for gays/lesbians to legally marry. The current status of marriage rights is thatin some states, gays/lesbians can marry, but in others they cannot. The federal government nowrecognizes the marriages of those married in states where such marriages are legal. There are anumber of changes you could argue in regards to this issue, ranging from advocating marriageequality in all states to outlawing marriage for gays/lesbians in all states These are only a few of the issues about which one can write. However, say something original! Thesame tired arguments have been made about most issues to the point where they lack any impact.Instead, you should choose an issue about which you can develop an intelligent, thoughtful, andunique set of points. So deciding upon your topic is the biggest challenge of this assignment. For this assignment, you may engage in research to learn more about your chosen issue. Thisresearch should be only to gain necessary background information if needed; it should not involveseeking out the arguments of others on the issue. Therefore, YOU MAY NOT INCLUDE ANY RESEARCH INYOUR PAPER (such as statistics or ideas presented by others). Instead, you must develop your paperbased on your own ideas. Therefore, you should choose a topic about which you are knowledgable andbelieve that you can develop a thoughtful, intelligent argument for change. There are two primaryreasons for this ‘no research’ requirement: I haven’t yet taught you how to properly credit otherpeople’s ideas (so you may end up committing plagiarism if you use research information at thispoint), plus I really want to see you develop original thoughts rather than repeat what others havealready said. Lastly, remember that the point of this assignment is NOT simply to share your views on an issue.Instead, you are seeking to write a persuasive essay that revolves around a series of logicalpoints. You should not make any assumptions about the reader’s view on the issue and shouldotherwise also adhere to the standards of sophisticated academic tone discussed in our courselessons. Key Requirements: • This paper must be typed, double spaced, font= Times New Roman 12 or Arial 10. • This paper must be at least 5 paragraphs in length AND must be at least 700 words long.This generally equals at least 2 complete pages. Do not exceed 5 pages. If you do not meet theminimum length requirement, you will not earn a passing grade on the paperThe Writing Process: • STEP ONE: Submit a 1st draft in the Assignments sections of the course. This draft shouldbe your best attempt at the completed paper, not a ‘sloppy copy’ or an incomplete paper. Instead,seek to develop your very best version of the paper at that point, complete with properproofreading and editing. I will then provide my feedback as to how you can improve the paper forthe final version. • STEP TWO: Submit the final draft in the Assignments section of the course. On step one above, you will receive feedback and a grade that indicates credit for submitting theassignment. However, the grade is ultimately of less importance. Instead, the FEEDBACK provided byyour instructor is of ultimate importance. Utilize this feedback to proceed in the writing processin order to develop a quality final draft that will earn a successful grade. Any plagiarism on this paper or any of the steps in the writing process will lead to immediatefailure of this course, so please do not make that mistake.