security breach

. Quality vs. quantity; the report is not the output, the reports content is. Written communication is essential in todays world of business. Be proud of your writing and spend a little extra time to insure you are delivering a quality product. It will pay you dividends in your career.2. Use business English in writing. Specifically, do not write in the first person (I, we, us). Always write in the third person.3. Spell-check all your work. This is an absolute. Business documents are assumed to be spell checked. Misspelling reflects badly on the writer. Good spelling on the other hand does not distract the reader from the message.4. Proof-read your own work and have a teammate proofread it as well (exchange documents). You will be surprised at what your teammate may find. Be especially aware of word usage that may pass spell-check but still is not correct in context with your sentence. An example may be:The company is defiantly growing Many students use defiantly in place of definitely and are not even aware of the difference.THE Question is : Discuss the cost related to that security breach. Provide suggestions for the company to improve security measures and minimize the impact of security breach.I need all the sources to be an ONLINE source and I want them to academic peer reviewed sources