Selecting Evaluation Tools Assignment Overview:

For this assignment, you will be selecting evaluation tools and adding those selected to the Evaluation Goal Matrix.Learning Connection:This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course syllabus: Plan and conduct a tactical evaluation using both qualitative and quantitative measures In addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidence the following skills through completing this assignment: Critical thinking Problem solvingAssignment Instructions:Using the project you identified in Week 1 and the stakeholder analysis and performance metrics you identified in Week 2, you will be selecting evaluation tools and add them to your Evaluation Goal Matrix from Week 2. Start by updating your Evaluation Goal Matrix with any feedback provided, and then add an additional column titled Evaluation Tool and select an evaluation tool for each of the metrics you identified during Week 2. See slide 16 in Week 3 Lecture 01 as an example. Once you identify the tools that you will use, you will write a few paragraphs on how each tool will be used, why this tool was selected, who will be responsible for performing the evaluation with the tool and how the data will be used and will help support the success of the project. I want to see a thorough evaluation and explanation of each tool you list in your updated Evaluation Goal Matrix. You will need to rely on the course lectures and readings to provide sufficient detail. If you do use or include any outside materials, make sure that you cite any sources appropriately. Here are a few general guidelines: You should submit an updated Evaluation Goal Matrix and the narrative descriptive and explanation of each tool in a single file (MsWord or .pdf) You should include a cover page You should format the documents professionally The tables should be readable without having to zoom in on small textThe PMBOK Guide Sections 4.4, 6.7, and 7.4 Gray & Larson Pages 462 479 Attached article The Value Earned with Earned Value by Joseph Griffin GriffinJ_ValueEarnedEarnedValue.pdf Web articles for your review on select evaluation tools: Benchmarking Fishbone Diagram Failure Mode Effects Analysis Resources on root cause analysis