self analysis Briggs Myers typology

Application #3: Self-AnalysisPosted by Mary Shortridge at Saturday, September 22, 2012 12:49:12 PM EDTPersonality test based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology Online test based on Jung and Briggs Myers typologyGo to the website in green and take the 75 question personality test based on the Myers Briggs typology.When you have completed the test, the site will give you an inventory of the personality type (one of 16) your answer set most closely matches.You can also view and print other inventories, such as job matches for your type and the best matches for compatability with other MB personality types.While this is not in any way a definitive measurement of who you are and what your competencies and capabilities may be, it does tend to ring true in many if not most individuals. I ask that you take the test seriously, answering as honestly as you can, trying not to skip any questions, even if you dont consider either answer exactly true for you. Just pick the one that is closest.Once you get the inventory, print it off (you should take the test at a computer where you can print. Your results will not be saved to return at a later date.) and read it carefully. In JOURNALS, Application #3, report the personality type (4 letters, either capitall or lower case) on your inventory and write a minimum of 200 words outlining the major aspects of that inventory, whether or not you agree with each one, and why or why not for each. Use examples from your own experience.If you have taken this test or a similar one, please retake it for this assignment. Comments from Support